In efforts to capitalize on an emerging shift in societal preference. The NFL is structuring a partnership with Jay Z’s, Roc Nation.

The deal will give Jay Z a prominent role in the league’s social justice initiative with players as well as creative input in NFL events.

Andrew Beaton of the Wall Street Journal, says ” The deal effectively positions Jay Z as the face of the NFL’s social justice program, Inspire Change, which was launched earlier in the year after years of unrest amongst players.”

Coming off a heap of turmoil, this move is in the best interest of the NFL. They were long at odds with quarterback Colin Kapernick for the famous kneel he took during the US National Anthem in 2016.

By partnering with Jay, the NFL would have an opportunity to cleanse the image, and position themselves as an advocate for social injustice.

Listen to what ESPN analyst Nate Burleson had to say here: