On Monday, The NCAA sent a memo to NBA agents with updated requirements for the NBA Agent Position.

These requirements include:

This is a blatant attempt at regaining dominance in a shifting industry.

You can not continue to operate a $1.1 Billion dollar vehicle, if the driver is no longer willing to drive. So, in attempts to gain control, the NCAA has decided to force their hand.

We should see this forced hand, as a slap in the face, to the body of over 450,000 student athletes.

The organization these athletes “represent” has chosen to publicly act as a divider and separator in a time so desperately needing indications of togetherness and community.

What the rule means is that any college basketball player who’s thinking about potentially going to the NBA and wants to use Paul services will completely shut the door on returning to college.

Paul can still attract the top lottery picks, who have likely made up their mind about the NBA before their college season ever starts. But for players who are dramatically more attached to playing at school—there’s no way to sign with Paul unless you’re absolutely sure you want to go pro, and aren’t worried about a poor evaluation from the NBA’s Undergraduate Advisory Committee.

Now it’s very rational and compassionate of you to think “Oh they are making sure that these kids don’t get taken in and scammed..”

But in making the rules so severe—again, you have to travel to Indianapolis?—this feels more like the NCAA throwing its weight around to try and prove it can still control it’s workers…

Also if you are a student athlete, having a tougher time choosing between staying in school and leaving to the pros — Would you not feel more comfortable with a strong support system and professional guidance from an agent like Rich Porter, who has represented, Anthony Davis, Lebron James and others….

This a very delicate situation and we hope that it bubbles in favor of the athletes….

Even Bron had something to say…