F’real Foods is a milkshake brand selling at over thousands of retailers around the United States. Their massive growth is a product of their success on Tik Tok. “Our president mentioned that his daughter had seen people posting about F’real on TikTok,” said Alec Ledbetter, a consumer marketing manager at the company. 

“That was a marketer’s dream. We needed to have our own TikTok for the F’real brand and essentially amplify this wave of vitality that they’re already engaging in.”

Ledbetter created an official TikTok account for the company, which has since attracted 460,000 followers in seven months.

 The company’s fan base dwarfs that of big brand marketers like Chipotle and Walmart, who have recently found success reaching Gen-Zers on the app through promoted hashtags.

TikTok has quickly become an important piece of many consumer-facing brands’ strategies as it continues to top app downloads and usher in a new generation of social-media stars. 

The short-form video app recently launched a beta platform to connect influencer marketers with creators, and brands can pay to promote their own short in-feed videos or set up hashtag challenges on TikTok.

Since creating an account on the app in June, F’real’s marketing team has focused on making its own videos and paying influencers to promote its products alongside its “#freal” hashtag.

The company has also earned over 120 million impressions from fans posting their own F’Real Foods Shakes.