How to Become a Millionaire with Content Creation

I was reading an article from a music industry influencer, Dan Rucie, where he gave an extremely thorough and well-thought-out analysis of the many ways a successful artist can leverage their popularity after they have made a hit song and reach billionaire status. 

It inspired me to try to give an analysis on how content creators can make their first million in 2023. 


Dan highlights something extremely important: “As a content creator, you need points on the board before you can capitalize. “

Before you can even consider something like capitalizing on sponsorships, private venue walk-throughs, and the number of other financial income avenues, you need a community dedicated to your content. 

We’ll call this community “The First 10.” Your first 10 listeners, viewers, readers” You don’t get to capitalize without first building a base. You need to have a group of people eat, sleep, and breathe your content. 

Having a core fanbase is going to be the main key to creating a marketplace where you are now in control and not a middleman.

Utilize Your Tools 

“The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.” – Benjamin Franklin

Before you get started building anything you need a good set of tools. You need to make sure your hammer will strike, your knife will cut, and your screw will tighten every single time.

By now you have probably heard over and over that Tik Tok can help you go viral and it’s true, it can. But I’d like to shine a light on a reason that very few talk about. 

TikTok has one of the best user interfaces in the social media space right now. 

Video scrolling Is seamless and you go there knowing that if you want to binge a creators content it’s all going to be under 3 mins. You don’t even have to touch your phone because TikTok will automatically go to the next one for you. 

For the viewer, digestion is easy, not much is required, I can open my phone go to my favorite creator’s profile, throw my earphones in and let them speak to me. 

This does wonders for the relationship between marketer and viewer because it presents the illusion that your content is readily available with little work required. 

The Tik Tok rabbit hole becomes more impactful than say a Youtube Rabbit hole because with YouTube there are ads and videos that don’t start automatically. 

Tell Your Story 

It’s going to feel corny. Maybe you’ll be shy. Some people may talk shit about you, judge you, look at you differently, etc; but if your goal is to make a million dollars from content creation, you must have a story. 

All the best content creators have a story and they tell it right away. Your story is an introduction to your brand. It’s the “why” that people are looking for. For every person judging you there’s going to be one that feels for you, understands you, and ultimately wants to support you. Don’t slack on your story, if you can, let it all out. It’s important and the more you share the larger your reach. 

Position Yourself Within A Community 

I’m sure we’ve all heard a cliche quote about how important building a network is. But I think the idea should be thought about differently in this case. As a creator, I think you should think of building a network more like trying to hang out with the cool kids. We’ve seen it time and time again. 

For example, YouTube star Kai Cenat partnered with the group AMP, at the most pivotal time in his career. 

He had been creating content for years, even going viral on apps like Vine. It wasn’t until he started making content with the group AMP, that he started becoming the household name we know today. 

By establishing himself within a group of creators like himself, Kai was able to stand out more and become the household name we know today. 

As Dan says “There’s no “right answer” for all artists. Instead, there are a few logical paths.” 

This article is meant to present a framework for how you should be thinking as an artist trying to make their first million.