How To Create A Vectorized Mock-Up Using Illustrator

Mockups are important because they allow you to visualize a final result before you spend the money on your product.

In fashion specifically, a mockup is a form of communication between you, the designer, and your manufacturer, the person who is in charge of bringing your designs to life.

Bad mockups are the difference between an eye-catching runway hit and a behind-the-rack disaster.

This article is a brief introduction to how you can create them on your own. The video at the end of the post will offer more descriptive insight. If you really want to save time. You’ll head over to our shop and buy our fully customizable kit that will allow you to create realistic garment mockups for your next garment release.

Est Time: 15- 30 Mins

What You Need

  1. Find Large Images of Preferred Garments
  2. Look for Paid/Free Fashion Brushes So that you can add sewing effects

How To Draw

Use Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator to then trace your garment

Switch between rounded and sharpened anchor points in order to accomplish accurate angles.

*Pro Tip: Buy A Physical Pen Tool *

Make Adjustments Until Desired Results.