No New Friends

“No New Friends, We killin Em!” a line from one of the hottest hits of the summer; and it was written by musician Coi Leray.

Coi Leray is an artist who has taken the world by storm. In just one year Coi Leray has everything that a rising artist dreams of. She is signed to Republic Records.

Her family has a strong reputation in the industry. She got a lot of major features very on in her career. She performed on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and was even nominated for a BET AWARD.

Why You Should Not Rely On Friends To Build a Fanbase

Coi Leroy is an artist who does an incredible job at trend-based marketing. She’s active on Tik Tok, she collaborates with unique and obscure up-and-coming brands, and people know her for not being afraid to be edgy and different.

While these are incredible attributes they are hardly enough to foster and grow a community. For Coi to really make an impact it is going to be very important for her to start to trim the fat in terms of promotion and double down on her core audience.

She has to step away from the commercial tactics of powerhouse labels and agencies and develop a grassroots method that will be impactful for her everyday fans.

Build a Genuine and Authentic Experience

One way to do that would be by hosting a community activation. As we mentioned above Coi is already linked to some pretty popular streetwear and luxury brands. We’ve seen her in everything from small Instagram e-commerce brands, like Barriers, to luxury streetwear labels such as Off White.

People look to her when trying to find what the next coolest item is. It might be beneficial for Coi to host more public activations this summer. With covid fear dying down, it’d give her a chance to meet fans one on one as well as promote local creatives and small businesses.

Now this answer won’t take Coi from 0-to 100 but it’s a strong start when it comes to trying to create an authentic and intimate connection with your audience. This will also give Coi access to listeners who aren’t necessarily active on social media.

In 2022, artists should be aware that there is a small community of people who are actually turning away from social media altogether. This fact alone means that word of mouth is going to continue to increase in value

Artists hear the same rhetoric often: “Build your social media following!” “Use it to promote your work!” “Be your own distribution!” But that’s reductive. Your followers aren’t necessarily fans of your music.

Step outside the box. Don’t rely on one avenue. The gimmicks only last for so long so it is important that you make genuine connections.