How Coi Leray Used Social Media To Grow Her Fanbase

Coi Leray is an artist who has taken the world by storm.

In just one year Coi Leray has everything that a rising artist dreams of. In 2019, she signed one of the larger record deals of that year, we saw her featured on songs with large artists like Lil Durk, and Gunna, she performed on the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon and was even nominated for a Bet Award.  

Although she does have family ties to the music industry, Coi has done an incredible job at creating a lane for herself and establishing a  presence separate from the reputation of her family and she’s done that by investing in the power of social media. 

Social Media Guru

Coi Leroy is an artist who does an incredible job at trend-based marketing. She’s active across multiple channels, she collaborates with unique and obscure brands, and people know her for not being afraid to be edgy and different.

From the beginning she has always highlighted the fact that she is a creative and expressive individual, she wears her heart on her sleeve, and has no problem sharing her feelings with her fans.

Mix that with the combination of her ability to never miss in terms of creating content that’s right on the mark with what’s trending every time and you have an unstoppable force. 

“Once I knew that TikTok drove streams, I’m about my money and I’m about strategy…Check the numbers out because TikTok is helping me go crazy and as you can see now, everybody’s on TikTok.”

Some might argue well it’s easy to do when a label is backing her, and there’s a team of people at her disposal but I would argue that if that were the case then any artist would be able to reach the level of popularity that Coi has in the last year.

I think it’s important to remember that both entities co-exist, a lot of times the support of a label is simply icing on the cake. Coi has developed a structure, a recipe, and a routine within her brand, that works every time.

These are textbook strategies in terms of garnering those early fans in the early stages of an artist’s career that eventually lead to the stan-level status as an artist’s career goes on. 

As Coi continues to grow in the industry she consistently trims the fat in her marketing campaigns. Meaning once one trend is over, or one promotion has been exhausted, it becomes time for the next best idea.

What sets Coi apart from a lot of artists is her ability to be relentless in terms of getting her message across. Whether you want to or not, if Coi Leray is promoting something chances are you are going to see it.

What We Think Would Be Cool

Coi has reached the level where she is probably recognizable in any of the 50 states across America. She can really capitalize on her image and likeliness by hosting private community activations.

As we mentioned above Coi is already linked to some pretty popular streetwear and luxury brands. We’ve seen her in everything from small Instagram e-commerce brands, like Barriers, to luxury streetwear labels such as Off White.

People look to her when trying to find the next coolest item. With covid fear dying down, it’d give her a chance to meet fans one on one as well as promote local creatives and small businesses.

This will also give Coi access to listeners who aren’t necessarily active on social media.

In 2022, artists should be aware that there is a small community of people who are actually turning away from social media altogether. This fact alone means that word of mouth is going to continue to increase in value.