We get music at such a rapid pace it’s difficult to pick the standouts. However, when it comes to Ty Fontaine, he is the leader of the new school era of hip hop and it’s not even close. Ty once said someone on Twitter equated listening to his music to attending a carnival, because it’s a lot of fun and easy-going. We would second that and take it a step further by saying, Ty’s music is like being on the nicest beach you can think of, and you’ve got your margarita, and maybe you just got some good news or finally got that guy or girls number and the suns setting as you’ve reached complete bliss.

He grew up in Maryland, or what he would call “PG County” and has been making music since 2018. His come up in the industry was extremely fast. Almost seemed as if he became a household name overnight. Initially, there was always a comparison to other artists but as time went on Ty very easily separated himself from the pack. His latest album “Ascension” released last week and let us be the first to say there are no skips. Check out our favorite song “Rip Whitney”. Ty samples “ I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston to create a euphoric banger.

Check out the rest of his music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dVlyYra_Ts