Mia is a singer/songwriter and business owner from the New York, New Jersey area. Mia’s spark came after releasing her first single which got 60k plays in just six months. Her latest single “wait” is moving up the charts rapidly and currently has over 50k streams on Spotify. Check out more of Mia’s story below.

1. Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from?

I am Mia Grace, I’m a singer-songwriter and business owner from New York/New Jersey

2. What was the turning point in your career? Where were you before that?

I think releasing my first single in October. That really changed things for me. It taught me so much and has brought me so much success with my future releases. Like for example my first single did 60k streams on Spotify in 6 months and that was pretty awesome but my second single did 50k streams in one month! So the knowledge I gained really stuck and shows in my growth. This year I also started a business called Create N’ Certify with the goal of helping artists jumpstart their careers. We help get them well versed with the business side as well as do marketing, make websites, curate content and develop their brands.

3. How has your life experience shaped you?

Coming from a family that all works in the entertainment field, I have so much knowledge and support of the creative side as well as the business side. So I’ve always been focused on the music as well as the business. My parents also greatly influence my music taste.

4. How do you practice awareness? How do you maintain your best self and manage your day-to-day experiences?

Every day I have a goal whether it’s multiple small goals, one big one or a goal I am maintaining and actively working for. It gives me a sense of purpose and discipline.

5. What are some important issues you’d like to shed light on? How would you do it?

I think we need to be more aware of today’s youth. They are the biggest consumers of everything. I feel like everybody tries to grow up so fast and consume adult content because they think it’s cool or trendy and kids want to be liked or seem cool but they aren’t consuming a lot of age-appropriate content. And I understand adult role models don’t expect to be role models and feel they’re grown they can do what they want but we can be conscious of the youth and make great music and imagery that all ages like. This is something I’m very mindful of with the music and imagery I create.