Brynn is a USC graduate and fashion designer based in Los Angeles, California. Her brand “1025” is an example of what high fashion streetwear can look like when curated properly. It is clear that Brynn has a vision and has single-handedly built 1025 into the up-and-coming powerhouse that it is today. 1025 has been worn by many social media influencers, featured on popular blogs like Lyrical Lemonade and AVNT Space and Brynn continues to get kudos and recognition from celebrity influencers. Check out our interview to learn more about Brynn and 1025.  

1. Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from?

My name is Brynn McIntosh, I’m from Potomac, Maryland, and I am the CEO and designer of the streetwear brand 1025.

2. What was the turning point in your career? Where were you before that?

In my career, the first central turning point was September 2020, when a Jordan Brand representative told me that they had notified their team about me and that I was on their radar. The representative and I connected through Instagram, and they saw that I mentioned wanting to become the next woman to design a Jordan sneaker on my story. So, they reached out to me, giving me words of encouragement, and from there, we’ve developed a great friendship! Before that turning point, I had been home in Maryland since March because of the pandemic. I experienced many trial and error moments within that period because I was learning about the manufacturing process. It caused significant stagnation for my business, mainly due to sample delays, which left me feeling hopeless. Hearing from Jordan brand most definitely lifted my spirits because even though I did not have much to show, they believed in my brand and me.

3. How has your life experience shaped you?

My life experience has shaped me in such a unique way. I believe that my experience as a film student at the University of Southern California, allowed me to bring forth a super creative and innovative energy to streetwear culture. My major at USC, Media Arts + Practice, exposed me to all types of media, such as animation, graphic design, web design, documentary making, and so much more. Without my experience at USC, my brand would not be what it is today and I would not be who I am today.

4. How do you practice awareness? How do you maintain your best self and manage your day to day experiences?

I practice awareness by always observing where my thoughts go. I’m a very spiritual person, so I try to go inward and sit with my thoughts and analyze everything going on within my mind—especially the more negative thoughts. Having no fear in my shadow side, and learning to balance my flaws most definitely helps me maintain my best self.

5. What are some important issues you’d like to shed light on? How would you do it?

I really like to shed light on mental health, when it comes to engagement on social media. Specifically regarding how society views success and how people tend to only post success stories. My way of shedding light on the issue and contributing to a solution involves me sharing ALL aspects of my journey, including the more negative and high-stressful moments. At first, it was a way for me to express myself. But then I realized I was helping people. A lot of people started telling me that my vulnerability was helping them feel as though they could finally kick start / pursue their deepest passions. It was sparking a lot of healthy dialogue. I also feel like my concepts in my clothes touch on certain issues we have in society, like the lack of self-belief. My Into The Unknown concept encourages people to take more leaps of faith. It’s a lot easier said than done of course, but I think it always helps to have a nice boost.