Everard Best is a Black Designer You Need to Know About

Coined as the man responsible for championing the idea of “diy streetwear”, Everard Best, founder of Murder Bravado is a black designer you need to know about.

Inspired by “crafting his own identity” Everard uses bright colors and intricately patterned denim as an act of self-expression.

Everard grew up watching his father construct clothing at his job as a tailor in Long Island. According to an article written by Vogue Everard said he “learned everything I know about the construction of clothing from him.” While in high school Everard began his path into the fashion world by launching the brand Lease on Life.

Best moved the brand forward on his own while he was still in college. After graduating, he relaunched his business under the name Ev Bravado, producing a launch collection of graphic, colorful, and crafty jeans, tees, and hoodies, all sold on his website and through Instagram.

Everard latest collection, WHO DECIDES WAR SS21, draws influence from the Bible’s 1 Kings 19:11-13. This plays into the collection’s design ethos, which yields “common fabrics constructed together in an unconventional yet wearable way,” explains the press release.

Lace accents, embroidered appliqué, and stained glass imagery appear throughout, demonstrating the label’s new approach to construction. These techniques stay true to the signature look of the bravado brand.  Ragged, cropped knitwear is layered underneath immense ponchos and atop extended shirts, complementing the jeans’ ragged threads and adding earth-toned flair.

The menswear, technically genderless, is complemented by a number of womenswear pieces that include a new baggy trouser cut, crinkled dresses, and translucent bodysuits that even wrap the hands.