This week’s feature on Connecting with Purpose is Rapper and Creative; Sholaa

Sholaa is a rapper and creative from Compton, CA.

He released his first project after beating a stint in the hospital and has since gone on to drop two really amazing projects.

Click the link below to listen to his latest project “NU”

1. Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from?

My name is Adeshola Adeoye but my stage name is ShoLuv. I am a musical artist, fashion designer, and filmmaker from Compton, Ca.

2. What was the turning point in your career? Where were you before that?

My turning point was in 2018 when I was in the Hospital and I released my first project from the walls of Torrance Memorial, before that I felt like I was getting in stride to get to the place I wanted but couldn’t find the time.

3. How has your life experience shaped you?

It made me more empathetic to everyones situation because I know how hard life can hit you, it also gave me a sense of responsibility when it came to life and the message I plan on conveying through my music.

4. How do you practice awareness? How do you maintain your best self and manage your day to day experiences?

I practice awareness through praying daily and maintaining a healthy diet, I also do this through reading and consuming substance filled content. The way I maintain my best self is always doing something creative and never letting my inner child go away.

5. What are some important issues you’d like to shed light on? How would you do it?

I want to shed light on the bothers and sisters out there who maneuver on a different vibration, who often feel weighed down by the day to day systemic limitations that prevent us from pursuing the goals we want. The way I plan on doing this is to consistently combat the stereotypes placed on us through fashion, music and film.

Listen to “NU” here