Dice Shirt: Not only is this piece pretty sick, it just so happens bowling is in this season. Literally, people are bowling again… 

Striped Knit Panel Shirt: Again, bowling is in for this season. I dont know why, but I dont hate it, in fact im kind of all in 

Utility Vest: I know Kapital already did something like this, but it was like $2,400. I’m assuming most of you don’t have that to spend on a vest, so here is a great alternative from Stussy.


Jacquard floral shirt: Now, Noahs SS20 season didnt really blow me away. However, this Jacquard Floral Shirt is just a great piece for the spring and summer. It’s got a nice cotton-wool blend fabric that will be lightweight and breathable. Then the jacquard flowers are just a great finishing touch. I think this would make a great layering piece for the rest of the season

(Need to cut image) Purple Chino Shorts (Dont look corduroy but could be, would be better tbh): I feel like way too many of us dont have enough purple in our wardrobes. This shade of purple is really nice because it’s not in your face, and you get the true luxury and richness of the color. I think this shorts could be the piece you need to pull your outfit together while making it stand out 

Pure Juice Long Sleeve: Not much to be said here, I think we all like a shirt that does the talking for us. Let them know off rip that your ‘pure juice’. Ice, broken. 


Now, before we get into the pieces. I just want to say that Supreme has made a strong comeback this season. At least for me, I think they got kind of lazy over the past few seasons. I don’t think their patternmaking was up to par, and to be honest over the last few years it was very rinse wash and repeat. But without further ado, let’s get into their season 

Supreme x Barbour Waxed Cotton Field Jacket: Ummm did you guys see this piece too? While this wasn’t featured in the preview, it was in the look book. A smooth leopard print and a sharp suede collar combined with the functionality of Barbour’s waxed cotton, you got yourself a great piece here. This jacket will get you looking forward to those cloudy and rainy days because you know, it’ll be your time to flex. 

Velvet Chore Coat: I am almost certain that a lot of you guys, me included, don’t have enough velvet in your closet. Well here is this chore coat from Supreme to help fix that. That navy blue velvet is so luxurious and rich, I absolutely love it. They also offer slime green/yellow and a cow print, both are great alternatives if you already have something like this. But for the vast majority who are lacking a piece like this, the navy will probably be your go-to.

Paisley Grid Shirt: Let me ask you one question: Don’t you see yourself wearing this shirt with some clean cut pants as you walk on the beach with your dream girl? Because that vision is what is motivating me to buy this shirt. 

Back Logo Sweater: I really liked the checker and red colorways of this sweater. I think it makes a great layering piece that would make your outfit pop. The best part about layering with this is that it covers the logo on the back. Or if you dont layer, you can a little flash to your fit with these.

Signature SS Top: A simple clean cut piece. I really like the lime green, royal blue, and yellow colorways. I think this shirt is pretty solid on it’s own or would be great under a flannel or with a long sleeve underneath it. There are really a lot of options with this piece. While it is nothing special, it will offer a lot of utility to your outfits. 

Overdyed Sweatshirt: Im a sucker for camo, so if your going to do a pattern like this you’ve already got my attention, and depending what my account looks like when this drops you have my money too.

Grid Taping Velour Track Pants: Cmon, like dont you want to be cozy and kickin it this summer? These are perfect lampin’ pants, just put on a fresh white t and some clean shoes and you’re ready to just chill and do nothing all day, but in style. Talk about people being envious of your lifestyle.