By now we’ve all heard about the dangerous effects of social media. We’ve all sat through a lecture about being on our phones too much, spending too much time on instagram, or being immersed in selfies. 
Most of the time social media is compared with egoism, selfishness, and indifference. 

In this article, I won’t be going as far as to say those things are not be true.

Screen time is up to 10 hours a day, toxic and dangerous communities online have plagued some kids in younger generations with insecurity, anxiety, and a list of other social discrepancies.

I could continue on with the negatives for the rest of the article, but in the wake of disaster, I thought it might be interesting to address how connecting via social media can actually be a really positive experience.

The advancement of technology and increase of media consumption has made social media a construct comparative to the exchange of currency.

We have the ability to draw, paint, showcase, organize, meet, date, exchange, and express all at the tip of our fingers.
The expansion of the Corona virus has shook our entire country.

We went from working jobs, visiting friends, and going to school to being held captive in our homes by an invisible boogie man.
The beauty of every social media platform is that you can see how we interact amongst each other on a large scale!

For example here’s this photo of NBA Star Shai Alexander dancing at home:

Now some of you might say “he’s dancing on camera for everyone to see so what… blah..blah ” But if you look closer what’s really there is a young kid enjoying life and wanting to express his happiness with everyone.

Social Media gives him the opportunity to do that.

Slam magazine, the reposter of the video, adds the comment “hey, everyone drop your tik toks” and the spark of potential larger group of connection begins amongst fans of both Ja and Slam Magazine.

NFL WR Deandre Hopkins had a question regarding a coronavirus prediction:

Here’s Odell Beckham:

Their comments are filled with responses. Some good, some bad, but when has it ever been able to have millions of people respond to your question In the matter of seconds.

What a time to be alive amirite.

The alternative (for all my boomers out there) would be dancing to your favorite song in the mirror, hoping someone was watching, envisioning yourself in front of someone, or even dreaming of your best night on the dance floor.

All by yourself.

Although sometimes necessary, social media has made it so that no individual person has to feel alone and in the wake of tragedy that becomes important.

Posting, Liking and Sharing are just forms of expression.

Technology doesn’t have to mean the end of genuine human connection. And since we’re all locked in our homes, you technically have more eyes then ever waiting on your next post, campaign, message or like.