It’s a new year so, it’s time to set new goals. If you just getting started as a content creator and want to know all the ways you can make money on social media from leveraging your fanbase. This article is for you. 


As an influencer you can get paid to feature a product or service in your post. Some might even get money to participate in a company’s amplified hashtag, like Chipotle’s “Lid Flip Challenge.”

Live Streams

Creators who go “Live” on social media can collect donations straight from their fans in the form of digital “gifts” that can be converted back into cold, hard cash. 


If you, the creator, have big—or devoted—fans, they might be interested in your custom merchandise. Tees, hoodies, socks and iPhone cases are usually the standard offerings. This direct revenue is a great way to monetize a social media following or community on any platform.

Affiliate Marketing

When creators share a link to a product that fans use to make a purchase, the creator typically gets a percentage cut of the sale. Most social media platforms have been “experimenting” with adding links to videos and to users’ bio pages, which means that affiliate marketing could be an even bigger revenue stream in the future. Get onto affiliate link programs through Amazon, Skimlinks or RewardStyle to cash in.