Photo from Evan Kinori’s Website, Pictured: Casentino Wool Field Shirt

Ever since 2016, when A$AP Mob came out with Cozy Tapes Vol. 1, people have been going around claiming that they are ‘cozy’. But are you really cozy? Enter patternmaker Evan Kinori, who’s self named brand will enhance your cozy lifestyle with his one of a kind fabrics.

About a month ago, I was shopping at Dover Street Market New York and on the second floor I stumbled upon this cream colored field shirt made of casentino wool (pictured above). Immediately, I went to try on the shirt, and boy was it cozy. I asked the sales associate who designed this shirt and they told me it was made by Evan Kinori. Of course I asked some follow up questions, from which I learned that all his clothes are made in-house in his San Francisco studio and that each piece is made in limited quantities. The brand is so in-house in that they don’t even have a sales representative, you have to contact Evan Kinori directly if you want to carry his clothing in your store. This made the brand perfect for me, because I love having pieces of clothing that no one else will have. Especially when the fabrics are exceptionally unique and high quality. I truly can not say enough about Evan Kinori and his latest collection.

If you want to be a part of something special, please look into Evan Kinori’s latest collection. With all the attention to detail that goes into his clothing, you can feel Evan Kinori’s appreciation for lifestyle attire. He wants you to be cozy, he wants you to know that thought and care was put into the creation process, and he wants you to feel attached to your clothes. As the northeast winter comes into full swing, you would be hard pressed to not see me rockin’ my Evan Kinori casentino wool shirt as one of my many, many, layers.

You can visit Evan Kinori’s website through this link here, and if you are in the area you make an appointment to visit his studio in San Francisco.