Nipsey Hussle once said “Luck is just being prepared at al times… so when the door opens you’re ready….”

We all want to be successful in some way. Maybe it’s just a decent place to live, a car to get us A to B, and or a significant other to keep us warm at night.

Whatever it may be, it’s important to have a rule set to refer to when things get tough. This is a list of four tips for ultimate success.

Manage Yourself

“We will have to learn to develop ourselves. We will have to place ourselves where we can make the greatest contribution.” – modern management pioneer Peter Drucker in “Managing Oneself.”

Highly successful people are intentional about their careers.

They show up regardless of their roles and responsibilities: This means being able to understand where their contributions will be most impactful for their organization and team, as well as managing their own workload and moving forward initiatives they are responsible for.

Top performers know when to involve others in their decision-making process — sometimes consulting other stakeholders or asking for approval is critical whereas other times it reflects negatively on one’s ability to take initiative and use sound judgment.

They anticipate challenges and provide potential solutions before being told what to do.

Seek Growth

The desire for growth and positive impact translates into exponential career opportunities.

Highly successful people are continuously looking for ways to get out of their comfort zone, whether by asking for more responsibilities or developing their skills outside of work.

They know that when they start feeling stagnant in their lives it’s time to seek new challenges, and they don’t tolerate complacency.

Ask For Feedback

Highly successful people are not scared of constructive feedback — they ask for it because they know it’s crucial to their evolution.

They use mistakes and failures as springboards for learning, and they also look to understand their successes in order to amplify them.

Know Your Worth

Know what you bring to the table. You have to value your experience and expertise if you want an employer to.

Never stop increasing your value.

Constantly remind yourself why you’re an asset and make it your mission to show that through your actions,” said Kris.

Valuable workers invest in building self-belief and confidence.

The most successful people in the world have moments of doubt, so they don’t focus on trying to eliminate doubt. Instead, they strive to rise above it.