As you read the title I imagine you thought something along the lines of, “here’s another blog post telling me to buy some ‘hyped drop…..”

However, that is not the case. If you ever get to know me, you would know im one of those ‘less is more’ type of person. But, that does not mean I don’t believe in statement pieces, because I do.

This Leopard Corduroy Double-Breasted Sport Coat from Noah is the statement piece you need this season. Not only is the print not overly flashy, but the thickness of the corduroy gives the jacket a great feel and makes it perfect for cold weather. 

You might be asking me, “Hey Kee, how do you know this is the statement piece I need?”

Well, ever since Noah released their Fall/Winter 2019-2020 lookbook earlier this year my Mom has had her eye on this coat. About two weeks ago when my Mom was in town, we went to the Noah store to see if they had this coat in stock. While the jacket wasn’t set to release for two weeks, the staff was kind enough to pull it out of the back and let my Mom try it on. To my surprise this jacket lived up to the hype my Mom gave it.

It was sleek, it was stylish, and most of all it was eye catching. If you are still looking to make a statement this season, I would recommend that you consider copping this coat.


Written by Kee Busk