In this segment ‘Hey Dude Listen to My Tape’ I am going to write about every new artist I come across and, well, why you should you should listen to their music.

In the internet era there is new music coming out every second, and for the most part a lot of it is not worth listening to. So often times people will have reservations when it comes to hearing a new artist who is ‘about to blow up’. However, since im a nice guy and I listen to a lot of music I am only going to recommend the artists that I think are noteworthy and bring something unique to the table. 

The album you need to hear from the artist you never heard of is 95 by Beam. The sounds of this album are heavily influenced by 90’s rap and Jamaican dance hall. Beam’s wide range of vocal pitches are combined with the smart use of auto-tune, which in turn makes for an incredibly energetic album with a very unique sound.

The lyrics are hype and fun, and most importantly they aren’t just a bunch of meaningless dribble. The beats are heavy and lively which makes this music perfect for the pre-game or the mosh pit. When you take this all together you get a truly stunning project.

I would point out my favorite songs, but each song is so different that I think you should listen to the whole project. At 10 songs with a runtime of 26 minutes, it is a quick listen that leaves you wanting more. So please, get ahead of the curve and listen to this album. 

95 by Beam is available on all streaming platforms.