Lyft has rolled out a new program for job seekers. 

Ridesharing service, Lyft, is providing free rides to people on the job hunt. 

This includes rides to and from job training programs and job interviews, and rides to and from work during a person’s first three weeks of employment.

Unfortunately, this does not mean anyone with the Lyft app on their phone can demand a free ride because they claim they’re looking for a new job. 

The company has partnered with a number of nonprofit groups that help people find employment. 

For example, through Lyft’s partnership with the United Way and 211, job seekers with specific healthcare, employment or veterans’ transportation needs can call 211 to have a free Lyft ride booked on their behalf

The free rides are part of a $50 million annual commitment Lyft announced when it took its stock public earlier this year. The company said it would provide the money for improving transportation infrastructure, donated transportation and sustainability initiatives.