If you’re like us and enjoy getting fresh for a bargain, you’ll want to know who the hottest influencers and content creators are and where they get fresh…

Don’t worry we got you covered. Here is a list fashion influencers and content creators who teach you about getting fly for a bargain.


Self  coined a “youtube fashion show” PAQ is a series put on by the Gen – Z TV network, Kyra, a London based production network using Youtube to create a new medium for television.

Owen Hyatt

Owen, is a fashion influencer who focuses on everything vintage. His videos feature going to popular vintage stores, and buying gear for a deal.

Ken Iijima

Ken, is a fashion influencer  from Japan giving an exclusive look at all the latest hype brands in Japan. He puts together outfits, shares his lifestyle, and gives insight on what’s hot.


The Casual is a international collective based in Japan covering the latest fashion trends throughout the industry.

Richie Le

Richie Le, is a content creator and fashion influencer, taking a roundtable approach to cover all the latest hype and fashion trends.

Jadon Grundy

Jadon Grundy is a content creator and fashion influencer, covering all the latest hype and fashion trends. He clearly, thoroughly expresses the story behind all the latest hype, as well as why you should be wearing it.