In today’s complex economic environment, entrepreneurship is no longer a mythical idea that only gifted, talented, outliers in our society are able to accomplish.

 It is now a normality that is becoming the key to survival and living an optimal lifestyle. 

“Going to school and getting a job is an industrial age way of thinking that may no longer be sustainable” – Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad

As automation and artificial intelligence technologies improve, many people worry about the future of work. 

Mainstream economists say there is no need to worry

They make points about how past major transformations in work tasks and labor markets – specifically the Industrial Revolution during the 18th and 19th centuries – did not lead to major social upheaval or widespread suffering

These economists say that when technology destroys jobs, people find other jobs. One economist argued:

“Since the dawn of the industrial age, a recurrent fear has been that technological change will spawn mass unemployment. Neoclassical economists predicted that this would not happen, because people would find other jobs, albeit possibly after a long period of painful adjustment. By and large, that prediction has proven to be correct.”

What they forget to mention is this “painful adjustment” is just a nice way of saying mass unemployment and potentially death.

 The aftermath of the Industrial Revolution involved two major Communist revolutions, whose death toll approached 100 million

The stabilizing influence of the modern social welfare state emerged only after World War II, nearly 200 YEARS after the Industrial Revolution.

The tables have turned yet again… 

It is no longer enough to apply for a job in hopes of a stable future with a recurring check. 

While the unemployment rate may be at an all time low, the barr for entry continues to raise. 

As of 2019, 35% of people in the world have a college degree. Something that was once a key factor in standing out in the workforce

Machines and algorithms in the workplace are expected to cause 75 million jobs to be displaced by 2022 according to a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) 

We have long heard of the risk of entrepreneurship but now, our eyes are open to the fact that the same risk applies at a regular 9 – 5 job…. 

The industrial aged way of thinking is simply not enough to sustain in the future. 

The solution is entrepreneurship and self sustainability.