You’ve definitely made a mistake

Don’t worry most people have…

Here are seven most common mistakes entrepreneurs make.


Running before You Walk 

Take off your Nike’s because you’ve heard the phrase and it rings true. 

How many of us have sprang from the starting line before the gun went off? 

In business this is a costly mistake. It is important to dedicate supreme focus to the fundamentals of your industry. 

Figure out things like the identity of your business. Your business goals. Do market research and identify a niche. Develop Your Business Model. Stay Away from Facebook Ads. 

Delaying the Start Up

How will you go anywhere if you do not start? 

Once you’ve made up your mind, do not hesitate… START. 

Understand that this is a journey with many bumps and plateaus. 

You will build strength, confidence, and trust after every pitfall.

Do not give up but most importantly get started. 


There are many moving parts in a business. 

Most of which you are not smart enough, skilled enough, and free enough to take care of on your own. 

Get help and get it early. 

It feels a lot better when you can rely on the EXPERT to complete the task. 


No Expectations 

Your end goal needs to be defined at the start. 

Think big, aim big and realize that anything can be achieved with the proper effort and dedication. 

You are running a business, treat it as such.

Too Much At Once

Rome was not built in one day and your business will not be either. 

Understand that your business is an operating system with many components. 

Each component will require time, energy, and effort. 

Put together a plan. Work step by step. Prioritize steps by importance.

Shiny Objects 

What is a shiny object?

Anything that can distract you.

Avoid Distractions. 

Your Time is Precious.

So is your dollar. 

You don’t need to spend on everything. 

Be Strategic

No Action 

Nobody will build your business for you. 

The process is uncomfortable, but you should enjoy every bit of it.

Any day where time dedicated to your business is skipped,

Is a wasted day.


The true value of entrepreneurship is the journey.

You yourself will recognize the asset you are becoming.

Understand that the ceiling is as high as you want it to be.

Value knowledge and never stop sharpening your sword.