Kim Kardashian’s solution wear brand SKIMS had an overwhelmingly successful launch yesterday.

Reports state that thousands of items available for sale nearly sold out in the blink of an eye, and there was so much traffic on the website that it crashed, resulting in a one-hour launch delay.

SKIMS frenzy resulted in a reported $2 million USD in sales in just a few minutes, with nothing retailing for over $100 USD.

Reports note that these sales numbers are “unprecedented for shape wear and undergarment brands” and that by comparison, Spanx made a total of $4 million USD in sales over the span of its entire first year in business.

To be fair, however, Spanx was founded prior to social media in 1998, and the brand was not created by a celebrity with as huge of an influence as Kim Kardashian.

How’d She Do It?

Social Media.

With a 147 Million Followers and the average product price at $25. All Kim needed was 80,000 of her followers to buy her product. Which they did in minutes… The Power of Brand.