Pedialyte has primarily has served as a drink for parents looking to hydrate their sick children since it launched in the 1960s.

It was first distributed in hospitals and later became available over the counter as the most recommended brand for rehydration by doctors and pharmacists.

But Pedialyte is not just for kids anymore.

The brand has experienced a resurgence in recent years fueled by adult consumers, who now represent more than 50% of sales.

College kids and 20-somethings have used it to rehydrate after a late night of partying, and Pedialyte markets its scientific formula, which is high on electrolytes and low on sugar, as beneficial for exercise, heat, illness and travel.

The Abbott Labs brand is looking to capitalize this resurgence by adding Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to their team as a Creative Director.

The partnership kicks off Friday with a marketing campaign in the backyard of Beckham’s former home.

It will also feature a towering digital billboard in the middle of Times Square showing a sunglasses-clad Beckham without his signature mop of blond hair and reading: “New Team. Who Dis?”