R&B superstar Brent Faiyaz has quietly been taking the world by storm. Whether in fashion or music, his name in 2020 has been something you mention when discussing notable figures. This come – up did not happen overnight. Brent spent many years building his name and sound. Starting his career as a rapper, before then switching to singing and even partnering up with other artists under the group-name, Sonder. 

When Grammy nominee Brent Faiyaz and his manager, Ty Baisden, were finally offered a record deal with a quarter-million-dollar advance, they walked away and opted to go independent.

Artists typically seek notoriety by signing with a major label.

As we’ve learned, contracts often leave them with few rights to their music and little-to-no long-term earning power.

For example, Brent and Baisden reviewed a deal where a label offered 18 percent of the royalties made on a song…Leaving the other 82% for the label— (How Does That Make Sense????)

In recent years, however, more artists have decided to go the independent route. 

After scooping up a Grammy nomination for his performance on GoldLink’s “Crew,” Faiyaz and Baisden chose the indie route.

They set up their own company, Lost Kids LLC, and invested $30,000 out of their own pockets for a debut album.

They use data from streaming platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music to build their fan base. Knowing who plays Faiyaz’s music — and where — helped the duo sell out a tour across the United States and Europe