In the digital era, data has proven to be more valuable than ever. 

What you can extract from data is similar in value to oil extraction a century ago. 

“A massive asset that—depending on how you extract and use it you can gain an enormous amount of benefits. For oil, it’s the energy extracted; for data, it’s in the knowledge extracted.” — Jasmine Anderson

Data is crucial to every major industry in the United States. Major players in the technology industry like Google, Facebook and Amazon have become powerful and make their money by using data like a commodity.

 Every time we long in, these companies are collecting information like our political preference, our interest in culture, and even our received income.  

The music industry for example is now using data received from social media platforms to find their next big star. 

Per Complex, “Numbers and analysis have long been powerful tools in the music business … But with more of music consumption becoming digital, there is an ever-increasing amount of information available. 

Now maybe you understand what’s going on, maybe you don’t, the message to takeaway is to be AWARE

Understand that your day to day interactions online, whether it be a new uploaded profile picture, a comment on your favorite brand, a like that you through up on your secret crushes page at 1am is being traded in exchange for profit. 


Understand that the advancement from technology isn’t years, months or even days away…..


It’s here NOW… and it’s affecting the entire world every single day….