How to Collaborate with a Celebrity.

We’ve all come across that one person with the A – One online presence right?

You know…the one with Lamborghini’s outside their ginormous mansion, super innovative and fun content, and pictures where they are hanging out with some of your favorite people…

Most times, it seems as if they took off overnight…

These people have something that a lot of people do not.


Don’t be fooled by the glitz and glam.

Something we’ve all been told once is “It’s not what you know, It’s who”

This article will teach you how to get in contact with your favorite people.

Make yourself valuable to them

If you don’t have any friends like the ones I just described, what then?

How do you build a network of high-value individuals?

Most advice on “how to find a mentor” or “how to connect with important people” is whack.

99% of it looks like this:

“Cold-email people you look up to and ask if you can buy them coffee and pick their brains”.

One problem:

Successful people are extremely protective of their time.

The chances that they would say “yes” to random solicitations for time and attention from people they don’t know personally or professionally are slim.

So then, in this age of distraction and distrust, how do we build a valuable network?

Three ways:

Develop a skill

Developing a unique and useful skill is the single most important thing you can do to build a network.

Become rich

In this world, most things can be bought. Access to high-value networks is no exception.

Acquire influence

In middle school and high school, everyone wants to be friends with the popular kids.

Even though it’s less obvious, the same is true in adult society.

Now you’re probably looking at this like duhhh wtf; but imagine sending out 1000 emails and never hearing a response…

What power do you have when you’re the needy one?

Imagine building yourself up so that they reach out to you.

The work load is the same…You might as well make yourself a boss-